Aso-Ebi is a unique tradition in some African countries where the friends and family members of the Bride and Groom wear coordinated outfits made of the same color and fabric design. The term “Aso-Ebi” originates from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria with a literal translation of “family attire”. In more recent years, Nigerians have generalized this term to mean coordinated outfit regardless of where you come from in Nigeria. The tradition is an act of celebration with the couple on their nuptials.  The couple may ask their family and friends to wear the Aso-Ebi for the Nigerian traditional/cultural wedding or the customary western ceremony/reception wedding or both.  Either way, the tradition of Aso-Ebi often brings uniqueness to the wedding.


Aso-Ebi is also worn during other events such as birthdays, Anniversaries and baby dedications when the host of the wedding wants the coordinated outfit look for their guests.

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